Who Is An Orphan?

By Hayley DeLuca.

Who is an orphan?

An orphan is defined by UNICEF as any child under the age of 18 who has lost one or both parents to death. In 2015, there was an estimated 140 million orphans globally. Today, that number has reached an estimated 153 million.

From these statistics, there is a misunderstanding of the word orphan. 26 million of the estimated 153 million orphans have lost both parents. This means that the remaining 83% of orphans have at least one parent. In industrialized countries, such as the United States, a one parent home is not

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Separated Children in the Migrant Caravan

ONETrack International - HHK

By Jie Jin.

ONETrack is keeping families together in the Northern Triangle

What is Happening on the Border

It is estimated that over 400,000 undocumented migrants cross the southern border of Mexico from Central America every year, and many of these migrants are stopped and deported. Nevertheless, they keep attempting to leave their home countries including Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador,

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The Anglophone Crisis of Cameroon

By Lillian Miller.

How the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon affects the region’s children


- Since independence from England and France, there has been tension between the English-speaking region in the north and French provinces that make up the greater part of the country of Cameroon. The Anglophones (English speakers, areas colonized by England) and the Francophones (French speakers, areas colonized by France) have Continue reading “The Anglophone Crisis of Cameroon”

Yazidi Refugees in Greece- Unaccompanied Minors Brief

ONETrack International - Yazidi

By Olga Bronshteyn.

An Overview of the Yazidi Refugee Crisis in Greece

ONETrack International’s Greek Chapter is currently working in Greece on a mission to provide accommodation and resources for Yazidi refugees who have fled to Greece from Iraq as a result of the horrific violence and destruction recently wrought by the Islamic State.

This ancient community has historically faced persecution, affecting the desperation of its position today both in Iraq and abroad among other refugee groups.

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Post Ebola Orphan-Care in Liberia

By Tamanna Syed.

Post Ebola Orphan-Care: Liberia and Western Africa

There is a strong need for orphan-care in Liberia where children have been living without parents after the ebola crisis took their lives. Liberia (along with Sierra Leone, and Guinea) are among the three most affected regions of the ebola crisis. In those three countries 27,305 Ebola cases have been reported, of which 11,168 people have died. Some 16,000 children lost one or both parents to Ebola. Even the children of deceased ebola victims may be affected by ebola and the fear of this disease may hinder extended familial ties. According to Unicef, 20% of ebola cases particularly within West Africa pertain to children. Roughly 16,600 children have lost one or both parents, or

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