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“I’m Hannah. I’m a girl age 18. 

They gave me a second chance where I can realize my dreams. I thought I lost all hope because I thought I was not going to go to school and fulfill my dream. My dream was to become a lawyer or a singer and from there on now I realize that I can fulfill my dream.”

Hannah tells her story to ONETrack International

When her father passed away in sixth grade, she was left with few options. But chance intervened and led her to a new chapter where she found greater opportunities thanks to the support of generous donors

Hannah is one voice amidst the sea of an estimated 150 million children worldwide who are a part of the Global Orphan Crisis. Sadder still is that most of these children have been harmed by a second injustice and many are unnecessarily suffering in overcrowded and under-resourced institutions.

With a proven system in seven global projects, ONETrack International is ensuring the long-term support of orphans, one village at a time. Based on the success of our initial program, CameroonONE, the groundbreaking Transition to Home program supports an orphaned child as well as his or her surviving relatives with the goal of keeping families together while relieving the orphan communes of unnecessary cases. 

For each child, it means a chance for a better life. Basic child rights. Healthcare. Hygiene. Nourishment. Education. Love.

We believe it takes a global village to ensure that orphaned children, like Hannah, have the opportunity to grow as a member of a family and receive both proper education and healthcare. With your support, we can commit to supporting even more dreams and futures.

Please consider making a monthly gift of $5 and join our global village to ensure a day when every child’s voice is heard.

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Hilary Hahn from ONETrack International with Hannah
Hannah and her classmates

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