What is Home?

Orphaned children, not only search for a place to feel safe but a place to feel nourished with love and care. The reunification of orphaned children with extended families is the key to preserving the sentiment of home. By offering an alternative to orphanages through this process, orphaned children will no longer lose the fundamentals of the home they grew up in. Children can learn and grow, in a safe and familiar environment.

The Power of Philanthropy

By Hayley DeLuca  Philanthropy means improving humankind. It means tackling social problems and attempting to prevent them. Unlike charity, philanthropy sets to eliminate social problems, not to eliminate general suffering. In a world filled with natural disasters, war, crime, poverty, essentially an endless list of devastations, philanthropy is essential. It means acting for a better

The Benefits of a Family Environment

We surround ourselves everyday with people we hold relationships with. These relations could be academic, professional, friendly, romantic, or anything in between. But our first relationships are most often created within our family, and these relations are arguably some of the most important. While there are many different types of families, this article will be

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