Reimagining Orphan Care

Pages detailing ONETrack International’s (OTI) innovative orphan care program.


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The comprehensive overview of each of the orphan care program components that define ONETrack International.

Logic Model

A road map describing the sequence of related events connecting the need for the planned program with the program’s desired results.

Capacity Building

The framework of OTI’s orphan care program and a plan of increasing the organization’s ability to fulfill its mission.

Project Summary

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An outline of questions to be considered during future program development and expansion as family preservation initiatives are not something that can be determined by a ‘one-size fits all’ model.


ONETrack International - Cameroon children

The process in which orphaned or abandoned children are reintroduced into the home and community of their family of origin.

Transition to Home

ONETrack International’s method of transitioning of orphaned children from over-crowed and under-resourced institutionalized care back into family environments.

Caretaker Support

ONETrack International - Cameroon School

ONETrack International’s program is designed to support both an orphaned child as well as his or her surviving relatives, with the goal of reuniting families.