Clean Water and Sanitation

Story by Marlee Prather Clean water and sanitation are two important concerns around the world. Water is considered the most important resource for humans. At ONETrack International, we ensure the youth in our programs have access to clean water so that they can grow up to live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives. The Office of

Zimbabwe Economic Crisis

In Harare, hundreds of motorists line up for hours hoping to refuel their tanks with gas that has doubled in price since January. Recently in Zimbabwe, fuel is not the only thing in shortage. Water, food, license plates, passports, cash – these things and more have run low in supply after Zimbabwe’s economic crisis hit.

The Power of Philanthropy

By Hayley DeLuca  Philanthropy means improving humankind. It means tackling social problems and attempting to prevent them. Unlike charity, philanthropy sets to eliminate social problems, not to eliminate general suffering. In a world filled with natural disasters, war, crime, poverty, essentially an endless list of devastations, philanthropy is essential. It means acting for a better

Education as a Human Right

UNICEF’s January 2012 report states all children should receive primary education that is not only free and mandatory but of good quality. This supports the United Nations’ declaration of education as a basic human right in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.After all, increasing access to education has been proven to reduce poverty and

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