Support for Ukrainian and other refugee families, in Greece.

ONETrack International is a registered charity with the Greek state established to work with previous refugee populations, and we currently support our partners in assisting those affected by the Ukrainian refugee and other crises. Funds are used to provide accommodations for mothers and children, provisions of food and school needs and the psychosocial support required from trauma experienced during conflicts in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, and other major events. Our goal is to keep families together, keep children out of institutional care, and contribute to their education and health needs. Families have been placed in guesthouses and support goes toward shelter, food security, education, and things of that nature. This is an emergency response and so we will continue to fundraise for this cause while the need is still there.

Crisis Spotlight: Currently Greece is home to over 30,000 refugees who have fled their homes in Ukraine during the conflict… and almost all are vulnerable families consisting of women, children, and the elderly. Most are experiencing trauma, loss, family separation, and the economic stress of relocating to a strange country. Since men aged 18-60 must stay in Ukraine to defend the country, most of the families arriving are single mothers with children, all living in a state of uncertainty. Children in this situation are considered economic orphans and those whose fathers do not return will remain so permanently.

Donations to ONETrack International will support associated costs for shelter, food security, education and other important essentials of the Transition to Home program in part or entirely.