ONETrack International’s mission is to build awareness of the Global Orphan Crisis and promote innovative orphan-care solutions by encouraging our Transition to Home approach to family reunification that is tailored to the culture and communities in which we work.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which the Global Orphan Crisis is better managed and all orphaned children are raised in a family environment with proper education and healthcare.

Why We Do It

It is important to realize what the true problem of the Global Orphan Crisis is: it is not orphans – it is the mishandling of the response by the global community and the negligence of the commitment to finding real solutions to better serving orphaned children.

our values


Understand the community:

OTI’s staff, volunteers, in-country partners, and beneficiaries represent a global community composed of many people from all around the world. We make it a priority to respect and be mindful of each other’s diverse backgrounds, cultural complexities, and individual perspectives.


Think outside the box:

OTI provides creative solutions to the Global Orphan Crisis, a complex international problem. We fight to reduce reliance on traditional orphanages by working alongside local communities and understanding local cultures to help orphaned youth grow up in a strong, positive, family environment.


Dedication and passion to make sure we are doing this right: 

OTI is dedicated to and passionate about ensuring we are taking the right steps to ending the orphan crisis. We adhere to and promote international laws and standards. We are excited and eager to share our methods and lessons learned to help others fight to end the Global Orphan Crisis as well.


Professionalism and competency in tackling the Global Orphan Crisis:

OTI is devoted to professionalism and competency. We vow to constantly learn and grow as an organization. We take the lessons learned in our evaluations and research to grow in a way that best supports the youth, families and communities in our programs.


Thoughtful on how best work within and develop  systems:

OTI is commited to the communities in which we work by trusting their knowledge of their culture. We vow to honor and understand the uniqueness of each community. We commit to working alongside our partners and the community leaders so that orphaned children have the best chance at a traditional childhood.

In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.

Alex Haley