Reimagining Orphan Care

reimagining orphan care

We envision a world in which the Global Orphan Crisis is better managed.

tackle orphan crisis’ root causes

We envision a world in which the Global Orphan Crisis is better managed and all orphaned children are raised in a family environment with proper education and healthcare.

ONETrack International’s mission is to build awareness of the Global Orphan Crisis and promote innovative orphan-care solutions by encouraging our Transition to Home approach to family reunification that is tailored to the culture and communities in which we work.

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We run or support projects on 5 continents.

Global Orphan Crisis

There are currently an estimated 150 million children worldwide who have been orphaned by a variety of tragic circumstances. Sadder still is that most of these children have been harmed by a second injustice and many are unnecessarily suffering in overcrowded and under-resourced institutions. ONETrack International believes that the responses to this crisis need to be reassessed and better solutions need to be put in place! We have a proven system as a successful practice in family preservation programs across the globe.

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