Have you always wanted to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

Have you wanted to contribute in a meaningful and positive way? Are you always wondering what YOU can do to support others from across the globe? ONETrack International (OTI) is looking for you!

OTI is recruiting Ambassadors to help spread awareness of our orphan-care projects and help us in implementing effective fundraising practices for OTI’s initiative.

YOU can make a big difference in an child’s life, one that will be a lasting positive impact!

Why Do It

Funds raised through the efforts of our global volunteer force:

  • Assist in reintegrating children into a home environment
  • Provide educational opportunities to children in the program
  • Ensure that families are well prepared to provide proper care and homes for the children through caretaker support
  • Do more for the children, families, and communities by supporting our 7 Sustainability Pillars: Education, Psychosocial Care & Support, Household, Economic Strengthening, Social Protection, Child Protection, Legal Protection

ONETrack International’s work is made possible because of generous individuals who want to volunteer their time to make a difference in the futures of children. We are always on the lookout for new and fun ways to generate awareness and donations in support of OTI’s initiative.

ONETrack Positions

A variety of opportunities now available to support the work of ONETrack International.

Fundraising and Development Internship (Remote position, stipend offered)

General Description:

Fundraising and development interns participate in activities that will assist us in providing an education, healthcare needs and identification support to our students; caretaker support for our host families; as well as secondary programs such as sustainability projects.

We are looking for interns for all semesters to work with ONETrack’s Fundraising and Development department (to participate in activities that will assist us in providing an education, healthcare needs and identification support to our students; caretaker support for our host families; as well as secondary programs such as sustainability projects).

This internship opportunity will provide qualified applicants with substantial experience in nonprofit fundraising and development techniques that may include event planning, grant writing, donor cultivation, solicitation strategizing, and a fundamental knowledge of Nonprofit Management and program implementation. Each intern will be encouraged to take a leadership role in spearheading their own fundraising campaigns within the objectives of the development department, depending on one’s experience and hours of availability.

We are seeking motivated and responsible college students or young professionals looking to gain experience working within a nonprofit. Applicants should be pursuing a Bachelor or Master’s Degree in a relevant field (Marketing, Government, Public Policy, etc.) or recent graduates, who possess excellent communication skills, and are qualified to represent the organization. Should be open-minded, enthusiastic, creative, and adaptable.

Responsibilities may include:

– Create and administer your own fundraising campaigns to sponsor students in our system.
– Operate with a self-sufficient and independent approach.
– Research new foundations to apply for funding
– Help in writing minor proposals and reports
– Research and develop events in new fundraising markets
– Help in researching potential donors
– Help in conducting in depth researching into new fundraising markets

Director of Fundraising

General Description:

The Director of Fundraising is a pivotal role at ONETrack International, dedicated to our mission of reimagining orphan care and ensuring that the Global Orphan Crisis is better managed. This individual will spearhead fundraising initiatives, ensuring that orphaned children are raised in nurturing family environments with access to education and healthcare. They will be responsible for the full lifecycle of fundraising initiatives, from ideation to execution.

At ONETrack International, we’re not just a team; we’re a movement. As the Director of Fundraising, you’ll play a crucial role in shaping the future of orphan care globally. Here, your work directly impacts the lives of orphaned children, ensuring they grow up in loving families with access to essential resources. We offer a collaborative environment where innovation is encouraged, and your contributions are genuinely valued. Join us, and be a part of a transformative journey, making a tangible difference in the world.

Key Responsibilities, may include:

Develop and Implement Fundraising Strategies:

• Create a comprehensive funding program with short (30, 60, 90-day) and long-term goals (1 year, 3 years, 5 years).

• Develop fundraising department structure to meet plan and organizational goals.

Research and Identify Potential Donors:

• Secure funding from a diverse range of sources, including individuals, foundations, and corporations.

• Ensure accuracy in donation records and donor communications.

Cultivate Relationships with Donors:

• Set and maintain donor retention rate goals.

• Steward donors by providing updates on how their gifts are used and recognizing them for their contributions.

Plan and Execute Special Events:

• Identify and execute fundraising events within OneTrack’s unique international footprint.

Manage a Portfolio of Major Donors:

• Develop and maintain strong relationships with major donors, ensuring their continued support and engagement.

Collaborate with the Marketing Team:

• Work with the Marketing team, interns, and volunteers to develop promotional materials that resonate with potential donors and align with ONETrack International’s mission.

Maintain Accurate Records:

• Ensure all donations and donor communications are accurately recorded and managed.

Skills and Qualifications:

• Professional experience in fundraising, sales, marketing, or related field

• Successfully completed projects that met or exceeded targets in previous roles, with a clear demonstration of the impact on the organization’s objectives.

• Effectively communicated the organization’s mission and vision to clients, shareholders, etc., resulting in increased engagement and support.

• Demonstrated ability to craft compelling narratives for various platforms, leading to measurable increases project results or success.

• Managed multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring each met its objectives on time and within budget.

• Demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks and delegate when necessary to optimize results.

Mission Ambassadors (Remote, Volunteer Positions, 5-10 hours per week)

General Description:  Mission ambassadors help us to build a strong community through increasing awareness of the Global Orphan Crisis and promoting proper orphan-care solutions.

ONETrack International is experiencing significant growth due to our increasing prominence as one of the leading organizations finding working solutions to the Global Orphan Crisis. We are expanding programs, growing our staff and volunteer base, and introducing our Transition to Home orphan-care approach to even more communities around the world. Our goals include establishing ourselves at the forefront in the battle to positively change the manner in which the Global Orphan Crisis is managed. It is important that we have and maintain a strong network of ONETrack Community Members composed of staff, volunteers and donors- all united behind the same mission and exercising a consistent and focused messaging, increasing our capacity by securing the necessary funding in order to together provide homes and education to the orphaned children of the world, and establishing a trusting relationship between funders and donors. In order to accomplish these goals, we need key volunteers to serve as organizational Mission Ambassadors.

People who agree to serve as Mission Ambassadors pledge to do the following:

  1. Fundraise on behalf of ONETrack International.
  2. Create Awareness of ONETrack’s mission and Projects.
  3. Provide linkage with corporations and foundations, community organizations, fraternal groups, sports clubs, or whichever associations they are affiliated with in their region.
  4. Be a positive spokesperson for ONETrack International, learn key messages and develop a strong OTI elevator speech.
  5. Solicit gifts; assist with special events, donor recognition, thank-you notes, etc.
  6. Promote our cause on social media and invite contacts to our pages.

Volunteers are a key link between ONETrack International and the prospective donor/leader community. Your support as a Mission Ambassador helps our organization maximize their reach and increase awareness. By being a Mission Ambassador, you may open new doors for the organization to attract program participants, raise funds and recruit volunteers.

As a Mission Ambassador, you will agree to do the following:

• Spokesperson. Speak positiv
ely about the organization and the campaign, and be prepared to answer basic questions.
• Open Doors. Help us grow our prospect list and indicate persons from your community with whom you can arrange a meeting.
• Fundraise or Gift. Make a gift up to your financial ability or fundraise within your community or online in order to solicit additional funds for our programs.
• Confidentiality. Maintain confidentiality at all times as donor/prospect information is shared with committee members.