Boston, MA – November 2019 – Charities have raised millions of dollars collecting spare change. Working to diminish the Global Orphan Crisis, ONETrack International & CameroonONE are excited to announce a new partnership with digital app company, Coin Up, which will build greater awareness and support through relevant technology.

Shaun Bamfarth OTI & C1 co-founder says “Rounding up digital spare change for charity is such a simple way to give back. I signed up immediately and love it.”

ONETrack International & CameroonONE announce their partnership with Coin Up, a revolutionary mobile donation app that rounds up donor credit/debit card transactions to the nearest dollar, and donates the “digital spare change” directly each month.

As people do more and more with their smartphones, from bank deposits to airline tickets, ONETrack International & CameroonONE are convinced the time has come to offer an easier and more convenient way to give that fits seamlessly into their donors’ lifestyles.

Considering the fact that 84% of millennials donate and 14% of donations are now made on a mobile device, ONETrack International & CameroonONE have been focused on effectively bridging the gap to reach their mobile app users. Coin Up has combined security, trust, and user control into the hands of donors by ensuring donations are sent directly to the nonprofit and providing annual tax donation receipts.

ONETrack International & CameroonONE invite current and new donors to support the cause with spare change:

About ONETrack International & CameroonONE:
ONETrack International and CameroonONE use the successful Transition to Home model to provide orphans proper healthcare and education. We believe all orphaned children should have the opportunity to grow as a member of a family, receive proper education and healthcare. The Global Orphan Crisis is comprised of an estimated 150 million children worldwide who have been orphaned by a variety of tragic circumstances.
Media Contact: Hilary Hahn, Media and Marketing Director, [email protected]


Coin Up App

About Coin Up:
Coin Up is an innovative mobile donation app that integrates the act of charitable giving into everyday transactions such as buying groceries, filling up the gas tank, or going out to eat. Donors select a charity, register their debit/credit card to virtually round up their transactions, and automatically donate the “spare change” to a cause they are passionate about. For more information about Coin Up visit


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