Our Mission

ONETrack International promotes proper orphan-care solutions by encouraging our Transition to Home approach to family reunification. We work to uphold, introduce and train globally-recognized international laws and standards that protect an orphaned child’s rights to be raised by biological relatives, or other suitable providers, within their communities of birth in situations where it is practical and appropriate. We advocate and practice these principles at both the community and global levels by supporting and advising organizations that work with parentless and vulnerable children around the world.

Our Vision

A world in which all orphaned children have the opportunity to grow as a member of a family, receive proper educations and healthcare, as well as one in which orphanages and international adoption are reserved as an important function for those cases without other options.


Reunification is the process in which orphaned or abandoned children are reintroduced into the home and community of their family of origin.


ONETrack International is dedicated to the transitioning of orphaned children from over-crowed and under-resourced institutionalized care back into family environments.


Our In-Home Child Sponsorship program is designed to support both an orphaned child as well as his or her surviving relatives.








Help a displaced child regain a family and a home, and help a community to grow.



Post Ebola Orphan-Care in Liberia

By Tamanna Syed.

Post Ebola Orphan-Care: Liberia and Western Africa

There is a strong need for orphan-care in Liberia where children have been living without parents after the ebola crisis took their lives. Liberia (along with Sierra Leone, and Guinea) are among the three most affected regions of the ebola crisis. In those three countries 27,305 Ebola cases have been reported, of which 11,168 people have died. Some 16,000 children lost one or both parents to Ebola. Even the children of deceased ebola victims may be affected by ebola and the fear of this disease may hinder extended familial ties. According to Unicef, 20% of ebola cases particularly within West Africa pertain to children. Roughly 16,600 children have lost one or both parents, or

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The business of voluntourism: do western do-gooders actually do harm? https://t.co/OMaExq7ryh


CameroonONE has developed a program to confront the orphan crisis in the Republic of Cameroon. Our In-Home Child Sponsorships are designed to support an orphaned child’s surviving relatives with a goal to keep families together while making the orphan communes available for only the direst circumstances. Relatives taking on the parental responsibilities of a niece, nephew, or young cousin will do so on a conditional basis. Each household receives a per annum, circumstantially determined stipend (a pre-determined monetary sum, PTA school fees, as well as material goods essential to Cameroonian daily life) with full understanding that it will be conditional and made available with certain requirements and stipulations include that the child attend a decent school and maintain certain expectations in their evaluations, and that he or she is fully vaccinated and receives whatever healthcare that may be specific to their personal needs. This project can both reduce short-term poverty by directly providing a partial income to the impoverished and those most in need and ultimately fight long-term poverty by creating a more productive and competent future human capital among parentless children who may have received little or no education.
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Had an amazing night last night at the #InvestInOthers awards! Such an awesome organization filled with people doing great things all around the world! And a HUGE Congrats to @dshnitz 🎉