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Our vision is a world in which all orphaned children have the opportunity to grow as a member of a family, receive proper education and healthcare, as well as one in which orphanages and international adoption are reserved as an important function for those cases without other options.

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Why We Do It

There are currently an estimated 150 million children worldwide who have been orphaned by a variety of tragic circumstances. Sadder still is that most of these children have been harmed by a second injustice and many are unnecessarily suffering in overcrowded and under-resourced institutions. ONETrack International believes that the responses to this crisis need to be reassessed and better solutions need to be put in place! We have a proven system as a successful practice in our projects in West Africa via our CameroonONE programs and have now expanded to introduce our approach to other communities across the globe.

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ONETrack International

How We Do It

At the village level, ONETrack International provides for orphaned children by removing them from their overcrowded and under-resourced orphanages and placing them in the households of biological family members.

ONETrack provides for all their education, health needs and caretaker support, and in a conflict context, provides for separated children by keeping the remaining family members together and removing them from collective institutions (such as refugee camps) to private homes.

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Where We Work

What originally started as a project in Cameroon via CameroonONE, the Transition to Home orphan-care initiative is now being used in several countries around the world. It takes a global village to ensure all orphaned children have the opportunity to grow as a member of a family, receive proper education and healthcare.

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Who We Are

Meet the men and women around the world who operate on the behalf of OneTrack International.

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Reunification is the process in which orphaned or abandoned children are reintroduced into the home and community of their family of origin.

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Transition to Home Philosophy

ONETrack International is dedicated to the transitioning of orphaned children from over-crowded and under-resourced institutionalized care back into family environments.

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Benefits of Caretaker Support

Our In-Home Child Sponsorship program is designed to support both an orphaned child as well as his or her surviving relatives.

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