Support the work of ONETrack International and help ensure all orphaned children have the opportunity to grow as a member of a family, receive proper education and healthcare.

Marathons, obstacle courses, sponsored silences, or being a charity champion on social media – you can encourage vital support for ONETrack International.

Here are a few ideas:

Run or Bike Race

A classic fundraising event idea, the 5K and Obstacle Course events are a year-round favorite that can raise big bucks. Ask friends and family for a flat donation amount or to donate per mile. Be sure to say thanks and update everyone with your progress!

Dinner Party

Fundraising dinners are a tried and true way to raise money. First, think of a creative way to sell tickets to your friends, or set up a donation jar in your home. Invite everyone through social media, email or traditional mail. Have some information about ONETrack International at the event. Make sure to enjoy yourself and thank everyone for their donation to the cause!

Host An Event

It could be an auction or a bake sale. a puppy kissing booth or whatever you feel like doing for charity!

Fundraise on Facebook

Use your birthday or a local event to fundraise for ONETrack International on Facebook. You can help raise awareness about the global orphan crisis and offer an easy way for your friends to contribute to this important cause.

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Individual and corporate sponsorship of ONETrack International will help us to ensure orphaned children have better opportunities.

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Sign up to become an official volunteer for ONETrack International and help us to make an impact.

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