Volunteer: Mission Ambassadors

Mission Ambassador

Remote, Volunteer Positions, 5-10 hours per week

General Description:

Mission ambassadors help us to build a strong community through increasing awareness of the Global Orphan Crisis and promoting proper orphan-care solutions.

ONETrack International is experiencing significant growth due to our increasing prominence as one of the leading organizations finding working solutions to the Global Orphan Crisis. We are expanding programs, growing our staff and volunteer base, and introducing our Transition to Home orphan-care approach to even more communities around the world. Our goals include establishing ourselves at the forefront in the battle to positively change the manner in which the Global Orphan Crisis is managed. It is important that we have and maintain a strong network of ONETrack Community Members composed of staff, volunteers and donors- all united behind the same mission and exercising a consistent and focused messaging, increasing our capacity by securing the necessary funding in order to together provide homes and education to the orphaned children of the world, and establishing a trusting relationship between funders and donors. In order to accomplish these goals, we need key volunteers to serve as organizational Mission Ambassadors.

People who agree to serve as Mission Ambassadors pledge to do the following:

  1. Fundraise on behalf of ONETrack International.
  2. Create Awareness of ONETrack’s mission and Projects.
  3. Provide linkage with corporations and foundations, community organizations, fraternal groups, sports clubs, or whichever associations they are affiliated with in their region.
  4. Be a positive spokesperson for ONETrack International, learn key messages and develop a strong OTI elevator speech.
  5. Solicit gifts; assist with special events, donor recognition, thank-you notes, etc.
  6. Promote our cause on social media and invite contacts to our pages.

Volunteers are a key link between ONETrack International and the prospective donor/leader community. Your support as a Mission Ambassador helps our organization maximize their reach and increase awareness. By being a Mission Ambassador, you may open new doors for the organization to attract program participants, raise funds and recruit volunteers.

As a Mission Ambassador, you will agree to do the following:

• Spokesperson. Speak positively about the organization and the campaign, and be prepared to answer basic questions.
• Open Doors. Help us grow our prospect list and indicate persons from your community with whom you can arrange a meeting.
• Fundraise or Gift. Make a gift up to your financial ability or fundraise within your community or online in order to solicit additional funds for our programs.
• Confidentiality. Maintain confidentiality at all times as donor/prospect information is shared with committee members.

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