Chiedza Child Care Centre Supports Both Orphans and Their Caregivers

ONETrack International has partnered with the Chiedza Child Care Centre to support orphaned children affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Chiedza Child Care Centre (CCCC) was established in 2001. It was founded by a group of concerned professionals, academics and business people in response to the escalating need to provide practical help for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. The centre is located on five acres of land in Ardbennie Township where it runs a community home-based program for the vulnerable orphaned children and assist their caregivers of children who would otherwise be living in dire circumstances with immediate needs therefore empowering them through life skills development.


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Early Childhood Development (ECD) is one of the CCCC’s core functions, as they believe every child deserves to be groomed at a tender age. Their ECD policy encompasses inclusion of children living with disabilities at an ECD level as this will enhance their development and eradicate the stigma and discrimination from their peers. Chiedza Childcare Centre is promoting Inclusive Education in Zvimba and Harare South Districts as they believe every child is entitled to a quality education and one’s stature should not deprive them of their rights.

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ONETrack International is supporting specific cases within the CCCC program and continues to expand our role through sponsorships in families practicing Transition to Home orphan-care.

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Donations to ONETrack International will support associated costs for textbooks, school uniforms, household necessities, and the Transition to Home program in part or entirely.