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What is Home?

Orphaned children, not only search for a place to feel safe but a place to feel nourished with love and care. The reunification of orphaned children with extended families is the key to preserving the sentiment of home. By offering an alternative to orphanages through this process, orphaned children will no longer lose the fundamentals of the home they grew up in. Children can learn and grow, in a safe and familiar environment.

Human Trafficking: Kosovo

Presented by ONETrack International, Berkeley By: Vani Gupta, Alexandra Garcia  Prior to the Kosovo War, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia had autonomy over the region of Kosovo which led to a group of Kosovo Albanians forming the Kosovo Liberation Army as an act of rebellion. The first actions of the KLA against the Yugoslavian government 

Clean Water and Sanitation

Story by Marlee Prather Clean water and sanitation are two important concerns around the world. Water is considered the most important resource for humans. At ONETrack International, we ensure the youth in our programs have access to clean water so that they can grow up to live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives. The Office of

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